When you join us as a CROSSMEDIA EDITOR (m/f/d) , the work/life balance will be quite difficult. Not because we expect our employees to spend their nights and weekends at the agency. But because super exciting projects in the areas of brand, mobility and high-tech are waiting for you. Plus the chance to reposition an important employer brand with creative content. If you want, you can get involved in video productions and travel to exciting destinations. Design and implement complex digital campaigns. And yes: we even still produce printed magazines - and we do them particularly well. So what you write today will still be there tomorrow.

So that you don't completely forget the other side of so many possibilities in your job, we have taken a little precaution. Our home office arrangement gives us a lot of freedom to decide for ourselves how and where we do our job best. Quite a few people still like to come to the office every day because the colleagues are super nice. And so is our office. And because many things are simply easier in a team.

So it would be great if you could fit in. Ideally, you should have a degree in cross-media and a few years in an agency or editorial department. If you have neither, we'll listen to you anyway and are looking forward to seeing how you convince us that you're right for us. It's going to be exciting and quite honestly, is there anything better than being positively surprised? The best thing is to send us your online application to