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Markets are changing faster than ever. To survive and be successful in this challenging context brands have to move. And fast.

We help brands to gain the speed and power required for ongoing success. With the power of creative brand storytelling.
Stories told
on strategy®

Sometimes a single line is all it takes to tell an entire brand story. But most of the time, there is so much more to tell. In customer magazines, annual reports, multimedia-features, podcasts, websites, or social media activities. Whatever it is, one thing remains true:

A brand story is only good if it is strategically well founded and creatively unique. And pursues a clear goal:

TRUMPF Customer Magazine

TRUMPF challenges us to rethink their customer magazine. We invent a new name for the magazine and apply a monothematic approach for each issue. We also give it a fresh layout with bold colors and plenty of space for exciting stories. This is "TRUe - the magazine for sheet metal experts."

DIEHL Aviation Rebranding

DIEHL Aviation is a big player in the aviation industry. And is looking for a partner for its re-branding who not only accompanies the entire process, but also develops a new brand strategy . And doesn't forget to involve the employees in the process. With a clear idea: WE ARE ONE.

AUDI Annual Reports

Audi has had an eventful few years. To drive forward the transformation from car manufacturer to a digital mobility service provider, a lot had to change. And investors had to be convinced. How to address that challenge? Through a change of perspective. In print and digital. With the help of our innovative concept, Audi succeeded in releasing power for new thinking and courageous action.


PORSCHE Classic Magalog

Porsche Classic ensures that classic Porsches remain mobile. A daunting task, given that two-thirds of all Porsches ever built are still on the road. But also a huge sales potential that can be leveraged. We developed an extraordinary sales tool in the form of stylish period notebooks, which immediately became collector's items. And contribute to a sustainable increase in sales.


Our experienced teams of brand strategists, designers, story architects, journalists, multimedia editors and project managers develop unconventional ideas quickly and professionally. And implement them across all channels. Agile, uncomplicated, flexible. Economical.

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