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Many people leave traces.
Only a few leave impressions.

We mourn the loss of
Lutz Suendermann.


With his death, we have lost a friend and companion and an outstanding creative. His uncompromising drive to look beyond the horizon of the ordinary allowed us to cross boundaries and tell stories that touched many people deeply. His work has set aesthetic standards and shaped the creative reputation of our agency. We will miss his knowledge, experience and inspiration.


Berthold Dörrich and Martin Rebstock for all colleagues.

Share your memories of Lutz here with us and all the others who will miss him like us.

15 answers

  1. Dear Lutz,

    You have left deep marks. For me too. With you goes a great creative with attitude. I appreciated you as a mentor, but above all as a person. In any case, I am always grateful to you for the chance and the opportunities you gave me. I learned the most from you in my career.

    I have fond memories of our time together and will always cherish them.

    I wish you a safe journey ...

  2. We thank Lutz for many great employee magazines Impulse. Thank you for many creative ideas and the great exchange at eye level. The colleagues from TRUMPF

  3. I can't even remember how long Lutz and I worked at the same agency. That may be because my creativity was limited to accounting and my insights into his work were more from a financial perspective. But one thing quickly became clear to me, as it would to anyone who had the pleasure of getting to know Lutz: he was a special person who consistently lived and defended his creative goals and was able to captivate people with them. That's probably why I have such positive memories of him, even after such a long time.
    Rest in peace, Lutz

  4. Take care my dear Lutz,

    I want to thank you for being such a beautiful part of my life.

    Thank you for allowing us to laugh, cry, argue, live, celebrate, cook, listen to music and so, so much more. Including work, of course. Thank you for not making it easy for me. Thank you for your wit, your finesse, your love, your drama, your strength and so much more.

    With you goes such an important part of my life in this world.

    You have always appreciated the depth of life and searched for it. The more. That's what made you such a special person. And you didn't always make it easy for me and many other people. And that was exactly right, dear Lutz.

    You were cheerful and melancholy at the same time. What a wonderful mixture. You always struggled with the superficial because you knew that there was so much more. You showed some people that.

    Have a nice trip my dear. We will meet again.

    With love

  5. Lutz was always 1-5 steps ahead and, in the spheres of one of the last art directors who really deserved the name, he had slipped away from the real world along winding paths into creative nirvana.
    When I asked him whether the budget for the often fantastic concepts was even available, it was a constantly recurring faux pas that inevitably led to a small dispute at the end of which Lutz's statement "...we'll argue our way to a great result..." always ensured reconciliation.
    A great man has passed away 😔
    All the best on your last journey, dear Lutz!

  6. Dear Lutz,

    Respectfully and in deep sorrow over your untimely death, I am writing these lines to you.

    Our last meeting was only a few days ago. I am filled with deep gratitude when I think of our collaboration and friendship. You welcomed me into your team lovingly and with great understanding. We quickly built up a deep trust in each other and I was able to grow with you. Your keen sense for first-class design was impressive. Not only were you well-read in all things, but you were also way ahead of your young colleagues when it came to digitalization and new devices. You were also characterized by your irrepressible urge to explore new things and always question the status quo. You were an uncompromising fighter for good design. You didn't shy away from confrontation if you weren't convinced of something. You taught me how to work at the highest level. You created a creative space for your team that was unique. I look back fondly on our time together. Many thanks for the deep and long conversations over good Italian wine, the intensive time at exciting shootings.

    You are not only a good friend, a humorous person with rough edges, but also the best teacher I could wish for.

    Take care Sündi!

  7. Lutz was a tireless fighter for gripping stories. As a loyal partner, he always had my back, especially when it came to challenging photo series. His passionate outbursts when things went wrong were legendary. Years ago, we traveled to St. Agata for a Lamborghini magazine production to photograph the new Aventador. But when we arrived at the factory, there was no car there - the AUDI board had commandeered all of them, including our photo car, for spontaneous test drives. Lutz was seething with rage and suggested we swerve into the nearest restaurant. His curses could only have been depicted with symbols in an Asterix comic. Then we discovered an old Aventador prototype in black camouflage hidden under a tarpaulin - the only Aventador available on the premises. Without further ado, we decided to go for it. We arranged with Lamborghini's marketing department to be allowed to photograph the car at night in a warehouse on the factory premises. Instead of the planned beauty shots, we returned with mystical images of the prototype, whose 1 million kilometers of test drives were clearly visible. Despite the freezing cold, we worked all night until our batteries were empty and the flashbulbs went out. The story later brought us prizes and recognition. That was Lutz - a tireless fighter for breathtaking stories. Thank you, Lutz. Have fun wherever the universe has taken you.

  8. A great loss.
    I feel for everyone who was close to him.

    Dear Lutz, I am incredibly happy to have worked with you. There is hardly another colleague with whom I have argued more intensively, relentlessly and constructively. It was always about the cause, always about making something better, more aesthetic, more creative. And at the end of a hard day's work, often over a pizza and a drink or two, all was forgiven and forgotten. Until the next (shitty) briefing 🙂

    I particularly remember your appreciative look when I once presented you with my own copy in despair because there was simply no copywriter available. I didn't know for days whether your "what could possibly go wrong with that?" was meant seriously or ironically. You then emphasized to the client that the ad would only work so well because of the copy - from me. I was as proud as punch and the pizza in the evening was twice as tasty as usual.

    Thank you for many great moments.
    Take care.

  9. For a few years, Lutz and I worked in an agency ... and there were also a few parties. And even 25 years later, I keep thinking about him and that time. I am deeply sad - and incredibly grateful for the lasting memory of Lutz - a wonderful person with a big heart and an unforgettable sense of humor.

    Dear Lutz, through you I learned to trust my sense of aesthetics, to rely on it and to take myself seriously. Thank you for that and it's a shame that I never told you in person. With deepest sympathy ... Rest in peace.