Employer Branding:
Shaping the future

In the competition for skilled workers, companies need to set themselves apart from others. The Diehl Group is also facing this challenge. The international technology group wants to stand out as an attractive employer. The aim is to inspire both current and potential employees and offer them identification potential. Our task: to realign and sustainably strengthen the Diehl employer brand.

From zero to one hundred

The Diehl Group consists of five subgroups - each in a different industrial sector. So our first step was to identify what unites them at their core. In a brand workshop with Diehl employees, we developed the brand's genetic code as the foundation of our communication concept and strategic basis for the creative development of the employer brand. The focus is on what is particularly important to employees today: the freedom to really make a difference at work. And not just anything, but what is really important to them. 

Employer with purpose

We turn the incentive to really make a difference at Diehl into a promise - with the claim:

Do what is important to you at Diehl.

Whether security, freedom or mobility - Diehl offers an environment in which individual values can be realized.  

Make it greener
Make it smarter
Make it safer
Make it global
Make it fair
Make it mobile

Make it happen - Make it work

We make it happen

It was therefore logical for us to focus on people's needs and motivations when relaunching the Diehl careers website. We tell authentic stories of employees from the various subgroups. In doing so, we repeatedly create moments of surprise with charm and a twinkle in the eye. The employees talk about their personal purpose and what they achieve with Diehl every day in the world. As a helpful side-effect, we also convey information about each subgroup. 




EUR million in investments
R&D 2020


Locations worldwide


Years since the company was founded

The result:

For the first time, Diehl is present as an employer brand across all subgroups. Applicants are guided to the applicant portal in a clearly structured candidate journey, which leads to a continuous stream of applications - and creates a lot of work for the recruiters. Through this campaign, Diehl gains the trust and interest of potential employees and positions itself as a future-oriented and attractive employer that impresses with its values and culture.