From confusing to understandable: multimedia reports provide clarity

Many companies have an exciting product range that conceals an incredible amount of complexity. The challenge: to explain complicated relationships and multi-layered technology in a simple and understandable way.

That's exactly how our customer Marquardt felt. The expert in interactive mechatronics had developed the new PnD3 driving authorization system and wanted to introduce it to its B2B customers. We had an idea how: Tell stories from life that make the technology tangible. In a multimedia report.

Marquardt's PnD3 is a digital key that turns any smart device into the car key of the future. Our brief was to communicate a complex innovation and its various possible applications in an understandable way. And above all, that Marquardt's target groups from the B2B sector see PnD3 as a solution for their own customers.

Key to attention: Scrollytelling

Our solution: a multimedia report. It lives from scrollytelling, a narrative style that combines storytelling and scrolling - multimedia, interactive and not boring.

Each PnD3 use case is not simply presented, but illustrated by short stories about people. PnD3 as a door opener to a new world of possibilities. And along the way, we weave the complicated technology behind the driving authorization system into each chapter in charming technical tidbits. For example, through expert videos, interactive graphics and mouse-over effects.

Nice to know: A large proportion of the material did not have to be produced from scratch - it was lying unused in the customer's drawer, as is so often the case.

Scrollitelling sounds good? We think so too - the visitor becomes an explorer and discoverer, immerses themselves in the story and is encouraged to interact with the content. You can jump back and forth at any point - just in case you weren't paying attention. After all, with our short attention spans, this often happens. However, the multimedia elements, such as animations, interactive tools and short videos, continuously provide new input and keep interest high.

Sounds exciting?

Immerse yourself in our multimedia reports for Marquardt. Are you ready for an immersive scrollytelling experience?